What Is A Black Person? What Is An African-American? What Is A Woman? What Is A Black Woman? What Is An African-American Woman? (Series Coming Soon)

A much needed series titled “Who Is Who?” is coming soon. There is a lot of (intended) miseducation and SERIOUS confusion in America when it comes to defining each of these groups. The lack of a proper definition for these groups’ is nothing new, it is historical.

This series will be broken up into five parts:

(In this order)

1. What Is A Black Person?

2. What Is An African-American?

3. What is A Woman?

4. What Is A Black Woman?

5. What Is An African-American Woman?


The Mulatto Bitch Strikes AGAIN (Black Women Just NEVER Learn…)

I came across a shared post on my Facebook by a well-known Black-identified Multiracial woman who speaks for BWE on YouTube. This woman has gathered a sleuth of Black female followers over the years by promoting Black female interracial relationships, & divestment from the Black community. Recently, she caught some flack for telling so-called “dark-skin” (READ: AUTHENTIC BLACK) women to “stop projecting their insecurities” on so-called “light-skin” (READ: MULTIRACIAL) women. Here is the screenshot from the post.

I’m going to have to say that the Multiracial woman is right. Black women REFUSE to properly self-define, and insist on keeping an all-inclusive definition of who is Black. This is the cause for all the strife between the two groups (Blacks vs. Multiracial which is commonly mislabeled as “Dark-Skin vs. Light Skin”.

If I remember properly, I think I warned in one of my previous posts that there will be a time when so-called “light-skin” (READ: MULTIRACIAL) women are going to get tired of so-called “dark-skin” (READ: AUTHENTIC BLACK) women piggybacking off of them, living vicariously through them, and forcing them to fix issues that need to be resolved WITHIN the group.

The reason I titled this article “Mulatto Bitch Strikes Again” is because I noticed the main faces of Black Feminism/Black Women Empowerment (BWE), ARE the same women that Black women accuse of “stealing their spotlight” or “erasing” them. This is quite ironic because it is BLACK WOMEN, who helped females like this one featured in the post, gain the public attention and following that they have. After all, it is not self-loathing “color-struck” Black males (as they are typically blamed for stuff like this) who are responsible for these Multiracial women’s public gain, nor is it any other group’s fault for that matter, considering that these are “Black women ONLY” spaces. So the only people responsible for rise of these women, are BLACK WOMEN.

It’s true. Black women enjoy their own self-inflicted pain. This is why they want Mulatto women in charge, so they can complain about “Colorism”.

After they receive enough public attention, they take their platform and use it to attack Black women. This ALWAYS happens. This doesn’t only happen in Black women’s spaces however, because this is a HISTORICAL issue and reoccurrence. Read Chancellor Williams’ Destruction of a Black Civilization for reference and a more in-depth explanation of how Black people give our power away to Mulattos/Multiracials and then it backfires on us. History only repeats itself and this is just a small reenactment of such.

Also, this reminds me of an incident back in 2016, when a degenerate mixbreed bitch (whose name is not even worth mentioning) posed herself as a Black woman so as to speak on our issues to make a come-up off of us, only to center her platform around transgendered people (of all races) while simultaneously attacking Black women. May that little ingrate burn to death and rot in piss.

Another MULTIRACIAL woman commented and said this (in the above picture), and she is right. People of her ilk will only continue to use you, pimp you, then laugh at you for being so gullible and naive.

This is a picture of the woman who posted this.

This is a picture of the woman who created this Facebook post.

Anti-“Colorism” Black Women Are Dishonest & Disingenuous

Remember this definition for later in this article

Remember this word and its definition throughout the article.

“She who alleges contradictions, should not be listened to.”

-Bhekizitha Zulu, 2018

Black women who are adamant opposers to “Colorism” cause themselves and other Black women more harm than good. The reason I say this, is because their definition of who is Black often contradicts their “Colorism” arguments.

These Black women believe that the Black race is is diverse and consists of every skin shade and hair texture in the universe. Okay, but then watch this…

If a magazine were to have the title “Most Beautiful Black Woman of 2018” and featured a woman like the one in the picture above, these anti-colorist Black females would lose their shit. BUT WHY?

They would claim that a woman who looks like this erases the true image of Blackness and state that Black beauty should be represented by a woman with dark skin and kinky hair. This is a contradiction.

Didn’t they say Black people come in a multitude of different features? If so, then why is it a problem when people like the woman above are chosen to represent the Black race?

Black women who are anti-“Colorism” will say that dark skin and kinky/coiled hair is the prototype of Blackness and Black Beauty, then they will claim that women who do not possess these two traits are “‘stealing’ the spotlight” from those who do. HOWEVER, it is them, ironically, who ADAMANTLY push and promote the idea that the Black Race possesses a variety of different phenotypes. They don’t realize how they are contradicting and “shooting themselves in the foot” by pushing this nonsense idea.

My question for these women is HOW do you know that a combination dark skin & kinky hair is an accurate representation of the race if you don’t know what features make up the race? HOW do you know so called “light-skinned people and people who don’t have “Afro hair” is an inaccurate depiction of the race? You wouldn’t say that if you actually believed we were a phenotypically diverse race. Otherwise you wouldn’t be bothered by people like Zoe Saldana, Zendaya Coleman, or Halle Berry playing the roles of Black women.

This doesn’t make sense. What would be the need for pushing dark skin and coiled hair as the prototype for Blackness if it is not these characteristics alone that define the race? These women will push the (fake) belief that the vast majority of African-Americans are “light-skinteded” while hypocritically complaining about “light-skinteded” folks (particularly females) overwhelmingly representing African-Americans in the media, politics, and workplaces.

When I, or someone else tells them there is no such thing as “light-skinned and/or curly haired ‘Black‘ people” and explain that those people who are mislabeled as ‘Black’ via the (White-created) one drop rule are actually MULTIRACIALS, and the Black race ONLY consists of people with brown to black skin and African textured (AKA coiled or kinky) hair, they’ll go B A L L I S T I C. So then what is all the fuss about when people who lack brown-black skin and coiled hair are representatives of the Black race?

That is D I S I G E N U I T Y.

You can’t have it both ways.

SO WHICH ONE IS IT? Are Black people phenotypically diverse, or have only a specific set of traits? It has to be one or the other. It can’t be both. Black people cannot “come in all shades” while being “erased” by the “different shaded ‘Blacks'”.

The way these women speak and behave is as if they have schizophrenia or some kind of other mental disorder. I start to think sometimes that maybe these women are in desperate need of mental help…

She who alleges contradictions should not be listened to.”

Bhekizitha Zulu

*****Brown to Black skin and African-textured hair

THIS Is Why It’s Important To Define Your Race Properly (Black Women Will Never Learn)

This is why it is necessary to denounce the one drop rule and any of its *notions/spin offs. (*See bottom.)

Black women will never get it and this is why you will always continue to be played, pimped, used, exploited, and etc. until the end of time.

Those of you who believe in the myth of “lights-skinned Black people” will not understand this. Your lack of a basic understanding of biology is why mongrels such as this “ChicaDee” person does exactly what they do. Do you notice that all of the so-called “Black” women who do/say the most anti-Black-woman nonsense, are the ones who lack brown to black skin and/or **African textured hair? These MULTIRACIAL PARASITES latch onto Black women’s identities only so they can exploit us like this one here.

You can see from the photos she lacks brown to black skin. Most likely this MULATTO heifer is the DIRECT product of a (self-hating) Black male & (racist) White female, so which the anti-Black-woman hatred doesn’t surprise me at all.

*(Notions of the one drop rule are the following:

-The false belief of Black people possessing every skin color and hair texture in the universe.

-The false belief that African-Americans are mixed race.

-The false and highly insanebelief that two authentic Black parents can create a so-called “light-skinned” child.

All of these ideas are FALSE & express that the Black race is obsolete, undefinable, and nonexistent.)

**African textured hair:

Vanity & Self-Worship Is NOT The Cure For Self-Hate

Vanity is not the cure for self-hate.

Self-worship is NOT the cure for low self-esteem.

You will never see me utilizing the term “Black Girl Magic” here for two reasons:

1. It’s childish. There is no such thing as “magic”.

2. It promotes a false sense of self among young Black girls instead of teaching them to be realistic.

It teaches narcissism.

When I do celebrate the achievements of other Black women/girls, I label it “Black Woman Excellence”.

Does Anyone Else Notice The Double Standard In This?

Black women who have children with Black men, and who are left to raise them alone most of the time are told to “take ‘responsibility’ for their actions”. However Black males who have had failed IR relationships always run BACK to Black women so we can play the role of “clean up mammy” to them and their Mulatto kids. Isn’t that ironic? Why don’t niggas ever follow their own words and clean up their own mess they created with women outside of the race instead of passing it off to Black women when it doesn’t work out?

Why do WE have to take care of children that don’t come from US when THEIR mothers take off? Who’s telling these non-Black bitches to take responsibility for their own offspring?

You slept with a racist bitch, had ugly children, you two broke up because of your dysfunctions, THEN you wanna force Black women to clean up YOUR nonsense after telling us WE need to take responsibility.