THIS Is Why It’s Important To Define Your Race Properly (Black Women Will Never Learn)

This is why it is necessary to denounce the one drop rule and any of its *notions/spin offs. (*See bottom.)

Black women will never get it and this is why you will always continue to be played, pimped, used, exploited, and etc. until the end of time.

Those of you who believe in the myth of “lights-skinned Black people” will not understand this. Your lack of a basic understanding of biology is why mongrels such as this “ChicaDee” person does exactly what they do. Do you notice that all of the so-called “Black” women who do/say the most anti-Black-woman nonsense, are the ones who lack brown to black skin and/or **African textured hair? These MULTIRACIAL PARASITES latch onto Black women’s identities only so they can exploit us like this one here.

You can see from the photos she lacks brown to black skin. Most likely this MULATTO heifer is the DIRECT product of a (self-hating) Black male & (racist) White female, so which the anti-Black-woman hatred doesn’t surprise me at all.

*(Notions of the one drop rule are the following:

-The false belief of Black people possessing every skin color and hair texture in the universe.

-The false belief that African-Americans are mixed race.

-The false and highly insanebelief that two authentic Black parents can create a so-called “light-skinned” child.

All of these ideas are FALSE & express that the Black race is obsolete, undefinable, and nonexistent.)

**African textured hair:


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