Learn How To SOLVE Problems, And AVOID Bad Situations Instead Of Playing The “Victim” All The Time

I’m going to make this short and sweet.

A MAJOR problem I have with Black females who consider themselves “Feminists” or BWE is the lack of ability and willingness to change how they operate in this society. Certain interactions, associating with the wrong people, going in the wrong places, being in certain places at the wrong time, not doing research, background checks, vetting, or looking at historical evidence can lead to you facing Misogynoir. A lot of you keep putting yourselves back in the same situations that YOU KNOW didn’t/don’t work out for you, then you complain as if someone is supposed to feel sorry for you then save you. I get the vibe that many of you get a kick out of being the victim.

Am I blaming other Black women?

Hell yeah! Because YOU KNOW that as a Black women, you have a HUGE target on your back in this society, yet however you keep going places, *working jobs, & interacting with people who you KNOW by historical and current, everyday evidence have already shown you their ass. And when the OBVIOUS happens to you, you act surprised, then play victim. Stop doing that.

*working jobs-I understand that your workplace (AKA your source of income) is not easily avoidable and I don’t TOTALLY fault other Black women for this. Finding a/another job nowadays can be extremely hard. I’m speaking more specifically about going to clubs, nail salons, businesses with bad customer service (specifically directed towards Black women and girls), events that center around other groups of people, etc. I’ll get more into this later.


6 thoughts on “Learn How To SOLVE Problems, And AVOID Bad Situations Instead Of Playing The “Victim” All The Time

      • Actually, I see his point though it isn’t the topic of discussion. MGTOW, Black Manosphere, Black Men Vent, and SYSBM are actually interconnected with BWE/IR in their rhetoric relating to gender relations and how they view the world. Christelyn Karazin is the female counterpart to Tommy Sotomayor.

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      • Yes that’s true. They both have a childish way of looking at the world. Now I hope by saying Christelyn is the counterpart to TS, you mean in terms of their “short-sightedness” and lack understanding, ’cause Christelyn is not NEARLY as hateful and vile, and she doesn’t have as much followers backing her. lol

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      • I used to follow Christelyn Karazin’s blog and watch her videos on Youtube before she closed down her Youtube channel. Fortunately, I haven’t watched anything of hers in almost three years and stopped visiting her site a while ago. I woke up and realized that interracial dating and marriage isn’t the answer to Black women’s problems in society nor is bashing Black men much of a reward either. And she is a counterpart of Tommy Sotomayor. Christelyn Karazin has many views leaning towards anti Blackness and respectability politics when it comes to Black men certain Black women particularly low income Black women, single mothers and poorly educated ones. Some of her views on such people equally aligns with Tommy Sotomayor’s views on Black women and low income Black men. She may not be as abrasive as Tommy in expressing her opinions but she is equally as detrimental to the psyche of many in our community.

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