Where Are Your White Sisters? Pt. 1 (A Question To Ask Delusional Black Feminists)


Black Feminists have this delusion that White Feminists, and non Black females in general are looking out for them.  They seem to foolishly think there was once a sisterly bond between the two groups and then Black men came in and turned them against each other.

In this video, a White creep is molesting a Black woman.  As usual, one Negro male (who is apparently supposed to be a security guard) stands, watches and does nothing; the other Negro male records.

Now the question I have to ask Black Feminists is, where are your White sisters?  Black Feminists are always pouring their sympathy out to non Black females who are in peril even though they KNOW non Black females never and would never do the same for them.  Then they complain about the lack of reciprocation that they receive from other races of women after they act like slaves to them.  (Like duhhhhhhh…Didn’t you learn from that mistake with Black men?). Speaking of that, was the only time Black Feminists know when not to support someone who hates them is when it comes to Black males; but they lose this common sense when it comes to racist non Blacks (of either gender).  A White female or an Asian can spit in their faces, call them the N word, then get ran over by a car and Black Feminists will pour out their sympathy for them.  Let a Black man call them dark & crusty, and they’ll wish the worst kind of death on him.  Any Black woman with common sense knows not to support, help, sympathize, or empathize with ANYONE (individual or group of any race or gender) who disrespects or hurts them.

Note: You will see NO backlash from the Black Feminist community simply because the perpetrator is a White male.


2 thoughts on “Where Are Your White Sisters? Pt. 1 (A Question To Ask Delusional Black Feminists)

  1. Mainstream feminism has never benefited women of color. Also White feminists tend to their own issues. Alot of Black feminists complain about the lack of inclusion in feminist theory but fail to realize that this isn’t for us.

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