Using Biracial Men Against Black Men Is Not The Answer

A trend I see amongst Black Feminists is referring to Biracial men as “The Ideal Black Man” as a way of getting back at Black men for idolizing Biracial, Multiracial, & other non Black women as “The Ideal Black Woman”.  Now I can understand why they feel this is necessary, but it is not productive, and it only backfires on Black women.

The Black women who do this need to understand the following things:

1.  Black males date, marry, & procreate with non Black females at an astronomical rate.

2. As a result, THE MAJORITY of Biracials in this country are born from Black fathers/non Black mothers.

*Ask almost ANY Biracial person and they’ll tell you that their mother is White/non Black and their father is Black.

3. As a result, when you praise Black men’s Biracial sons as a way of getting back at Black men, remember you’re only making a fool of and hurting yourself.

You see, Black men can use their daughters against you, but you can’t use Black men’s sons against them.  That just doesn’t work.  This is why you see the two groups closely working with each other to degrade the Black woman’s image & phenotype.

These Biracial men come from the very same colorstruck Black males you’re trying to get back at.  You can’t use their sons against their fathers.  Biracial men’s first loyalty is to their Black fathers, NOT to Black women.* So what you’re doing is not wise.

*(Don’t be surprised when Biracial males and Biracials in general engage in anti-Black women behavior.  That’s what they are born out of.)

Another thing this does is gives colorstruck, self-loathing Black males the validation they want.  They want Black women to obsess over their halfbreed kids.  And when you uplift their sons’ image, you’re only further empowering them and their Bracial offspring over you and encouraging them get with other races of women as so to create more of these people.

Using Biracial males’ image against Black males is foolish.  It’s like eating sugar to get rid of diabetes .  You don’t use the product of Black male self-hate against self-hating Black males themselves.  

The solution to this is to:

1. Either use fully non Black men


2.  Just don’t do it at all.
It’s okay to STOP and think first before reacting to everything.


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