Something That Race-First Black Women Need To Understand-There Is No Such Thing As “Coons vs. Black Men”

Something that race-first/pro-Black, Black women need to understand, is that there is no such thing as “coons” vs. Black men.

There is no such race as a “Coon race”.  These people are still Black despite their treasonous existence.

What I’m trying to say here is, the so-called “coons” you detest are the VERY SAME Black males you need to “keep the race alive”.  

There is no genetic difference between a sellout and a “regular” Black man. 

We can obviously see from statistics and with our own eyes, that the rate of Black males dating, marrying , & procreating with non-Black females is rapidly increasing and only will keep doing so.  So as more and more of these “brothers” step out and morph into “coons“, your chance of success with trying to “keep the Black family/race alive” will only keep decreasing.

Writing off “coons” as a separate group of people does NOTHING to help you.  It does NOT increase the number of “GOOD brothers” who stay within their race.  I REPEAT: IT DOES NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF FINDING GOOD RACIALLY-LOYAL BLACK MEN.

The only thing this actually does is prove that Black women should stop wasting time with “Black ‘Love'” and trying to “keep the Black race/family alive” since the Black male collective is INCREASINGLY doing the opposite.

These so called “coons” were just average brothers you love at some point in their lives.

 It is impossible to separate a “coon” from a regular “brother”, because both groups are still biologically Black despite their actions.  So many of the Black males you pass by everyday, (including your OWN friends, family, and significant others) that you think are just your “brothers”, are more than likely sleeping with non-Black females on the down-low.  How often, when you walk past a stranger Black male, are you able to to tell whether he’s a “brother” or a “coon”?  You can’t.  

Look at this photo of 6 African-American men and tell me which ones are the “coons” and which ones are not. Yeah, that’s what I thought !

This is the point.  Over time these average “brothers” are just continuously going to keep stepping out of the race like they are already doing and you will just keep seeing a rapid increase of “coons“.

All of this is the reason why upholding “Black ‘Love'” is absolutely useless.  

I used to be enraged at the increasing number of Black males with non-Black significant others and/or Mulatto children.  When I saw these things, I would feel the need to fight even harder for Black Love.  It would encourage and embolden me to be a stronger “race first” Black women.  Then I realized what I was doing was foolish because the very same group I was relying on to “keep the bloodline alive” and fight off the traitors is the very same group that is traitorously killing off the bloodline themselves.   And I also noticed going harder for Black Love does NOT  undo the permanent effects & damage of miscegenation.

As time goes on, there will only be a steady increase of IR “coons” and no amount of caping for “Black ‘Love'” is going to change any of that.  Calling out “coons” is not gonna change that either.  The more “coons” that you see on the rise everyday is only proof that trying to “keep the race alive” is a failing agenda upholded ONLY BY African-American women.

“Nothing-but-a-brother” Black women will not understand this until it’s too late and until two things happen:

1. There are virtually no more “brothers” left who aren’t IR.

2. There are virtually no more African-Americans left.


9 thoughts on “Something That Race-First Black Women Need To Understand-There Is No Such Thing As “Coons vs. Black Men”

  1. So true. The problem with African American women that keep insisting that ”Black love” will save the day are deluded. There isn’t anything wrong with preferring to date, marry and mate within your race or ethnic group but I believe that the majority of African American women have this unrequited loyalty to African American men. So many of these women are holding out for this ”ideal Black man” when African American men aren’t doing the same for them. Statistically, African American Black men marry outside of their race at twice the rate of African American women. And Black men in the UK, forget it. About 50% of Afro British men of Caribbean heritage are in relations with White women there. So it isn’t only an African American Black men’s problem; it is the problem of Black men’s lack of ability to affirm his own image and cherish and uplift the image of a Black woman the same way White men uplift the image of a White woman.

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  2. Black Love wont save the day, but Black Mutal Respect and Black men and women becoming exclusive and shunning interractial couples and their offspring will save the day. We need relationships based upon respect not “LOVE”. What you “LOVE” might not be good for you.

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    • Excellent response in regards to mutual respect between the two. Personally, I am not against interracial relationships, but I don’t believe that it is the answer nor do I believe that Black love is the answer either. I think much of the problems with black relationships is due to Westernization, centuries of institutionalized racism, self hatred and devaluing one another

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  3. Great answers. As a collective, I really believe that the Black man is defeated particularly in the West. The only way out of his socio-economic status is him learning to love himself and loving and respecting Black women. Like Cecilie from the Color Purple said, “if you don’t do right by me, everything you do will fall”.

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