Black Women, Pay Attention To What Is About To Happen 

Pay attention to changes that are occurring.

I am noticing a change in energy and behavior of those who do not look like us.  One by one they are getting more bold and aggressive.

The day before the Charlottesville incicident, a Black female neighbor of mine and myself came across the very same situation as each other only a couple hours apart.  I’m not going to go into exact detail of what went on, but I’ll keep it short:

We both encountered rowdy, uncouth, aggressive, and openly racist non-Black females in *unprovoked situations.

*Unprovoked meaning that there was no argument or encounter prior that led up to such escalated situations.  These verbal attacks were random and the attackers were completely unknown to us.

Start watching your backs.  Stay out unknown areas you are not familiar with.  Don’t wander around.  Stay out of (non-Black) strangers’ houses and residential areas as well as neighborhoods.  Watch for hateful stares and looks. Avoid unnecessary idling especially in open, empty areas.  *Cease all unnecessary shopping and spending money on services that are not mandatory (i.e. Nails, spa, leisure spaces and entertainment events, etc.) because this is where “they” get you. If you feel a bad vibe, listen to your inner self.  Don’t go somewhere that doesn’t seem or feel “right”.

*Take note of where these various attacks on Black women by other groups are happening.  It’s rarely or almost never in places like courtrooms or workplaces.  Only in places that are not necessary to be in such as clubs, nail salons, pool parties, fast food & regular restaurants (that are occupied by non-Blacks customers and employees).

By Lady Original-ALL Credit goes to original uploaders of photo & videos.


One thought on “Black Women, Pay Attention To What Is About To Happen 

  1. One of the most timely and eloquent posts that you have written. These American White people are getting more bold and overt with their expression of racism. Unfortunately, I have experienced a few incidents of overt racism from these people myself. My mother prefers that I stay with her until I get a room on campus to stay on. There isn’t any way that I would ever go somewhere with someone being with me because it is getting dangerous to live here as a Black woman. Yet BWE insists that everything is all fairytales and games, being around White people and other non Black races. If one lives in reality, one can tell that overt racism will continue to increase as more White Nationalists and Neo Nazis will spew out hatred and violence. It is up to us to keep ourselves safe in these times.

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