Black Women, Learn How To Mind Your F****** Business

Why are Black women getting themselves ran over in a protest that has NOTHING to do with us?  Why are you even at these protests in the first place?

This was a fight between Liberal Whites and Alt Whites.  Stay out of it!

Why is this attractive Black women standing in front of cars getting ran over?  She should have men OF ALL RACES running after her, not running OVER her…

Should I feel sorry?  I think not…


“Africans-Americans Are Mixed But Mixed People Are Stealing African-Americans’ Spotlight?”=Insanity

Dafuq?  That doesn’t even make sense.  If African-American is a mixed group, which makes us the same as Mixed people, then how are they “stealing our spotlight” if we’re the same thing?

Anybody else see the inconsistency in that “logic”?

More One-Drop Rule insanity…
EDIT SUNDAY 8/27/2017 @12:57 PM:

With that “logic”, you would have to conclude that-

Multiracials are stealing from Multiracials…


African Americans are stealing from African Americans.

How does one steal from them self?

Black Women, Pay Attention To What Is About To Happen 

Pay attention to changes that are occurring.

I am noticing a change in energy and behavior of those who do not look like us.  One by one they are getting more bold and aggressive.

The day before the Charlottesville incicident, a Black female neighbor of mine and myself came across the very same situation as each other only a couple hours apart.  I’m not going to go into exact detail of what went on, but I’ll keep it short:

We both encountered rowdy, uncouth, aggressive, and openly racist non-Black females in *unprovoked situations.

*Unprovoked meaning that there was no argument or encounter prior that led up to such escalated situations.  These verbal attacks were random and the attackers were completely unknown to us.

Start watching your backs.  Stay out unknown areas you are not familiar with.  Don’t wander around.  Stay out of (non-Black) strangers’ houses and residential areas as well as neighborhoods.  Watch for hateful stares and looks. Avoid unnecessary idling especially in open, empty areas.  *Cease all unnecessary shopping and spending money on services that are not mandatory (i.e. Nails, spa, leisure spaces and entertainment events, etc.) because this is where “they” get you. If you feel a bad vibe, listen to your inner self.  Don’t go somewhere that doesn’t seem or feel “right”.

*Take note of where these various attacks on Black women by other groups are happening.  It’s rarely or almost never in places like courtrooms or workplaces.  Only in places that are not necessary to be in such as clubs, nail salons, pool parties, fast food & regular restaurants (that are occupied by non-Blacks customers and employees).

By Lady Original-ALL Credit goes to original uploaders of photo & videos.

Non-Black Females Are Not Feminine

Debunking the racist myth that non-Black females are “more feminine” than Black women…

There is a difference between being feminine, and being cunning and peculiar.

Non-Black females’ petty and irritating behavior is often confused and mislabeled as “femininity”

Here is the difference:

This is femininity.

The woman being interviewed is soft and beautiful.  She speaks so eloquently.  This woman is a perfect example of femininity.

This is being peculiar.  The news reporter is exploiting the innocent bystander and disrespecting her for no reason.  This is NOT an example of femininity.

This is an example of a feminine woman.  Take note of how elegant and lovely she is.  Pretty face and calm spirit.

This is not only cunning and peculiar, but invasive of an innocent citizen’s private property and personal space.

This annoying and provocative behavior that non-Black females engage in is often mislabeled as “feminine”.  

*Note: There is nothing wrong with wanting to interview someone, but if they say no, then go away.

Not to mention the woman is still in distress over her daughter who was shot. So it is best to leave someone alone in times like this. The female reporter in this video has  no concern for the woman’s feelings or personal space.  The Black woman was right for what she did.

Non-Blacks females are completely disrespectful.

This young lady exhibits beauty, wit, and femininity.

This is absolutely disgusting

There’s No Such Thing As White Privilege

There is no such thing as "White 'Privilege'", just White POWER. The group that's in control, is the group that gets all thegives itself all the advantages.

There is no magical power from up above that grants anyone with "white skin" as "The Chosen One" (Hence why I crossed out "gets all the" in the previous sentence.)

We need to stop with all these childish mentalities.