There Is NO Such Thing As A “Good” Black Man Pt. 1 (What Is “Good”?)

The average Black male's reason for his treasonous actions towards and against Black women is because "Black women turn down 'good' Black men for Pookie and Ray Ray".

But what they fail to understand is that they are just as useless as these so-called "thugs" as neither "thugs" or self-proclaimed "good" Black men provide for or protect Black women.

Now this leads to my question in the title:
What is "Good"?

For example:

Kalyd Dessalines is good to other like-minded Black folks who consider themselves Black nationalists like himself; but to a Mexican he is a terrible person.

Osama bin Laden is a good person to his own people (Arab Muslims); but is considered a threat to Western civilization (US & it's allies).

Christians believe Jesus Christ is good; but to me he is a non-existent person written in a book.

Black men believe they are "good", yet their destructive actions is bad for Black women.

The point here is that whatever is considered "good" for/by an individual or a group, is not necessarily good for others.

"Goodness" is not universal.

In other words, Black women need to focus on what/who is BENEFICIAL to ourselves individually and collectively instead of what/who is considered "good" in others' standards.

Being morally concerned about others will only keep you in a state of subservience & destitution.


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