Why I Won’t Be Seeing Girl’s Trip

For two reasons:

1. 3 of the 4 main cast members are Multiracial. They do not look like me or resemble my phenotype. Why couldn't they use real African-American women instead of Mulattos? *
(*See asterisk at the end.)

2. It portrays AA women as caricatures like in those old racist minstrel shows. (I.e. Overrexgerrated facial expressions, gestures, vernacular, superhuman features, over sexual, & over masculine)

Not to mention it also promotes reckless sex & sodomy. With the STD rates, Black women cannot afford this kinda nonsense.

Black women will flock to this movie over the next few weeks then in due time will complain about colorism in the media and being portrayed as manly and unfeminine. It's like we knowingly keep supporting our own demise then complaining about the consequences afterwards.

*I'm not sure what race the girl with her tongue out is. I've never seen her before.


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