Black Women, The Bakari Henderson Incident Is NOT A Free Ticket To Greece

Many Black women who are in or affiliated with the BWE movement seem to think an attack on Black males is an automatic free ticket to non-Black communities.  This is a dangerous way of thinking.  

When it comes to non-Blacks, you cannot assess them from an intraracial gender war point of view.  

Let’s set the record straight, I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR BAKARI.  So do not take this as a “I love Black men” post.

At the end of the day, non-Blacks do not care if you are male or female, if you’re Black, they automatically see you as inferior.  BWE Black women fail to understand this.

Yeah I get it, when something happens to us at the hands of racist non-Blacks, Black males see that as a one-up for themselves and an opportunity to gain acceptance from non-Blacks, but let Black males be foolish on THEIR part.  Just because a Negro goes to Greece and foolishly gets himself killed, doesn’t mean Grecians (specifically men) are looking for Black women to travel to their country.  


21 thoughts on “Black Women, The Bakari Henderson Incident Is NOT A Free Ticket To Greece

  1. So true! This is why I don’t affiliate with the BWE anymore. They believe that any effort into assimilating into non Black societies and bashing their own people will gain acceptance from them. Little do they realize that bashing your own doesn’t make one a good darky in the eyes of the White man. And they seem so oblivious to what is really going on in this country regarding racial relations and Donald Trump’s presidency. These BWE gurus still push for these women to date and marry interracially despite the rise of overt racism becoming more prevalent in society. Nor have they looked at the low marriage rates between White American men and Black American women as a evidence that White American men aren’t willing to sacrifice their privilege and often times inheritance to marry a Black woman. Honestly, I believe that these women know what they are doing but are selling Black women a pipeline full of delusions and fantasies. And I refuse to take advice from such people hence why I no longer frequent such spaces.

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      • I felt like I had to conform to their way of thinking and avoid walking on eggshells not to offend others. I feared being called a Mammy and being ostracized so I hid my true feelings and sentiments on many topics. The day I stopped commenting in the BWE spaces was a sense of relief. I felt mentally and psychologically free to think and comment on a subject how I felt on it without being called out of my name. I am aware that there are consequences to speaking your mind however we live in a world that one needs to tolerate the opinions of others without attacking or disparaging them.

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      • I think MGTOW, BWE and all these other mechanism are PsychOps by the Western Intelligence Agencies. Everywhere I go people are glued to smartphones, tablets or laptops being brainwashed. The internet is filled with so much information its hard for many to tell what is hwat.

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      • For instance, I was on Twitter, and those negro who saved me as a friend begin to bash Black women, so I was like you sound like a faggot for arguing with a woman. He then called me a Simp. This overweight goofy looking guy who was probably unemlpoyed from the looks of him then begin to call me the N word. I told him if he called me that offline I would punch him in his mouth. He then beging to text n****gr before blocking me. I notice these dimwitted people call Black men simps if they dont like them or Black women mammies. But all in all these dimwitted morons are casulties of war.

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    • You see, there is no problem with wanting to move into non-Black neighborhoods for one’s own safety, but you must still proceed with caution. You are not exempt from scrutiny from other races. They DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT want to see your Black face in “their” neighborhoods.

      The difference between AAs and other races:

      1. Other AAs will let you know if they don’t like you. Other AAs attacks are often predictable.

      Other races attack SPONTANEOUSLY and when you’re least expecting.

      2. You KNOW how to avoid conflict with other AAs, non-Blacks will snap whenever they feel like it.

      3. You have a better chance at getting justice when something happens to you at the hands of other AAs.

      Non-Blacks WILL NOT TURN ON EACH OTHER to suit you your needs if something goes wrong.

      I’m seeing a rise in IR Black females being violently attacked and/or singled out in the NB communities they move to because they are not using good judgment around NBs and are not racially aware.

      There was a story recently of a Black girl who drowned at a pool party and EVERYONE there, including her White boyfriend claims to not have seen anything.

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      • I know all of this because I live mostly non Blacks and White people. I actually ventured online to search for Black spaces to vent out frustrations of what I experienced in such spaces. BWE making it seem like living in non Black spaces was like this utopia when it is not is very delusional.

        I am also seeing and hearing stories of Black women being cheated on, being attacked or turn up missing in situations with White men too. And I heard about the story you told me about the girl who drowned in the pool where her non Black associates said they didn’t see anything. Very suspicious. Remember the Nive Nulls divorce? Or the video of a former ”swirler” crying about Black men refusing to dance with her at a Chris Brown concert. All of this should be a warning to all Black women interested in IR to carefully vet all men regardless of race.

        And I am not of African American descent. I am first generation Jamaican American. the average White American couldn’t tear me apart from AA and lump me with them until proven other. At the same time, I can’t really trust African Americans either. I usually keep my circle small and vet people before welcoming them into my circle.

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  2. I swear you notice all these Blacks on facebook or instagram with effeminate gestures. He got his face all distorted as a MASCOT/SHOW Clown among Whites.. the “token black”. That kid never would have cared for Black people being abused by Whites or killed by Whites but he would come out against any African Nationalist. I also notice non-Blacks married to or with Whites with these retarded facial poses and looks trying to impresss WHites.

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      • Or you are called a Black man’s Mammy army or something like that. It is crazy. I hated their policing of Black women’s thoughts and behavior. It came off as very condescending and patronizing.

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    • Exactly especially in many Latin American and Asian countries. Anti Blackness, colorism, classism and skin bleaching runs amok in many of these countries. And these women are delusional to think that non Blacks will accommodate their hatred of themselves and Blackness to let them in their spaces. Unlike African Americans, every other race and ethnicity looks out for their own interests. And things will continue to deteriorate with African Americans unless they come together and start looking out for their own interests at heart.

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