There Is NO Such Thing As A “Good” Black Man Pt. 1 (What Is “Good”?)

The average Black male's reason for his treasonous actions towards and against Black women is because "Black women turn down 'good' Black men for Pookie and Ray Ray".

But what they fail to understand is that they are just as useless as these so-called "thugs" as neither "thugs" or self-proclaimed "good" Black men provide for or protect Black women.

Now this leads to my question in the title:
What is "Good"?

For example:

Kalyd Dessalines is good to other like-minded Black folks who consider themselves Black nationalists like himself; but to a Mexican he is a terrible person.

Osama bin Laden is a good person to his own people (Arab Muslims); but is considered a threat to Western civilization (US & it's allies).

Christians believe Jesus Christ is good; but to me he is a non-existent person written in a book.

Black men believe they are "good", yet their destructive actions is bad for Black women.

The point here is that whatever is considered "good" for/by an individual or a group, is not necessarily good for others.

"Goodness" is not universal.

In other words, Black women need to focus on what/who is BENEFICIAL to ourselves individually and collectively instead of what/who is considered "good" in others' standards.

Being morally concerned about others will only keep you in a state of subservience & destitution.


Why I Won’t Be Seeing Girl’s Trip

For two reasons:

1. 3 of the 4 main cast members are Multiracial. They do not look like me or resemble my phenotype. Why couldn't they use real African-American women instead of Mulattos? *
(*See asterisk at the end.)

2. It portrays AA women as caricatures like in those old racist minstrel shows. (I.e. Overrexgerrated facial expressions, gestures, vernacular, superhuman features, over sexual, & over masculine)

Not to mention it also promotes reckless sex & sodomy. With the STD rates, Black women cannot afford this kinda nonsense.

Black women will flock to this movie over the next few weeks then in due time will complain about colorism in the media and being portrayed as manly and unfeminine. It's like we knowingly keep supporting our own demise then complaining about the consequences afterwards.

*I'm not sure what race the girl with her tongue out is. I've never seen her before.

Black Women, The Bakari Henderson Incident Is NOT A Free Ticket To Greece

Many Black women who are in or affiliated with the BWE movement seem to think an attack on Black males is an automatic free ticket to non-Black communities.  This is a dangerous way of thinking.  

When it comes to non-Blacks, you cannot assess them from an intraracial gender war point of view.  

Let’s set the record straight, I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR BAKARI.  So do not take this as a “I love Black men” post.

At the end of the day, non-Blacks do not care if you are male or female, if you’re Black, they automatically see you as inferior.  BWE Black women fail to understand this.

Yeah I get it, when something happens to us at the hands of racist non-Blacks, Black males see that as a one-up for themselves and an opportunity to gain acceptance from non-Blacks, but let Black males be foolish on THEIR part.  Just because a Negro goes to Greece and foolishly gets himself killed, doesn’t mean Grecians (specifically men) are looking for Black women to travel to their country.  

Apparently WE Are Jealous…

Non Black females are always going out of their way to compete with us when we’re not even paying them attention.  They will literally run across the room just to start an argument with one of us so they can claim we are “jealous”  of them.

These bitches spend so much time trying to copy and compete with us.  Everytime I turn around, a non Black bitch is closely watching one of us & plotting some scheme against us yet WE’RE the jealous ones…

(Thumbnail: A White bitch injected melanin to make herself “look ‘Black'”)