Being Anti-Interracial, But Pro-Mulatto

Conscious/Hotep/Nationalist Negros make me sick!  The reason for this is they heavily condemn Black males who date/marry/screw out of the race, yet they refuse scrutinize them for HAVING CHILDREN with non-Black women.  They are forgiving of any Negro with multiracial kids yet spend all their time tearing down Negro males who are currently in IR relationships.  It’s almost as if they’re okay with mixed children being born but don’t like the act in which brings them into existence.  Do these idiots understand how backwards their “thinking” is?

This makes no Goddamn sense as the only way his children can be biracial is if he is doing the very same thing Conscious so-called “Pro-Black” Negros hate; which is sexing a non-Black female.

8 thoughts on “Being Anti-Interracial, But Pro-Mulatto

  1. On the other hand, you have women in the BWE that promote interracial dating, marriage and mating with non Black men yet rail against biracial women replacing them in the media. Why promote something and then be against the products of such unions? Doesn’t make much sense to me and shows the blatant hypocrisy of many of these women. And they aren’t even different from the hoteps and conscious community members that they rail against either. Same shit, different philosophy.

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      1. Yes, they are. I find that the BWE is inconsistent with their opinions on many subject matters. Speaking on the One Drop Rule, many BWE gurus insist that it works against Black women’s interests in representation in the media yet they count mixed race women like Beyoncé as ”Black”. I remember getting into an argument with one of these gurus over the race and ethnicity of Beyoncé and her mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson.

        Personally, I do not consider Beyoncé’s White looking, ‘Creole’ mother a Black American woman. One can look at her and tell that she isn’t Black or African American. She may have some African roots in her ancestry but it probably isn’t majority of her ancestry. Heck, I don’t even consider her daughters, Beyoncé and Solange Black women. I consider them mixed race women because that is what they are. I stated such opinion on the thread and the BWE guru insisted that both Beyoncé and Tina Knowles Lawson were light skinned Black Americans. The irony of it all was that this was the same guru that was railing against mixed race women being called Black and replacing Black women in the media. Oh well.

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      2. What I noticed is a pattern:

        IF the Multiracial is hot & cool at the moment, she’s Black.

        IF the Multiracial woman is not popular (anymore), and/or she is disliked by the masses, then they have no problem seeing her for what she is.

        For example:

        Amber Rose is Black because she has a nice body, she is closely associated with Kanye West (who is also VERY popular in the media today), she knows how to shake her ass, she knows how to “talk Black”, and she’s young. Therefore she’s Black. Let’s not mention she had a kid with another famous pop icon, Wiz Khalifa.

        Mariah Carey on the other hand, has gotten fat, fell off, and lost her voice, so she’s not Black to them.

        Mind you they have the SAME genetic makeup (75 % White, 25% Black).

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      3. Exactly. We definitely need to set boundaries between biracials and Black people so that Black women’s image is secured in the media. And so that the opportunities that should be afforded to us doesn’t go in the hands of others. This isn’t out of hatred because I don’t hate biracial women but I don’t believe that we should sit idly while they take advantage of the opportunities that should have gone to us and represent our image in the media. Something has to come through.

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  2. @Original Woman

    I definitely agree about how popular and “trendy” biracial women are seen as Black until they do something that offends Black people.

    By the way, Mariah Carey and Amber Rose don’t have the same genetic makeup. Amber Rose is Cape Verdean (Creole), Scottish, Portugese, Italian and Irish extraction. Her mother is Cape Verdean, who is a mixture of African, Scottish and Portugese while her father is Italian and Irish. I definitely agree that Amber Rose is a quadroon. On the other hand, Mariah Carey is of White Irish, Afro Venezeulan and African American descent. Her mother is White Irish while her father was of Afro Venezuelan and African American descent. Personally, I see both women as White/non Black, but I believe that Mariah Carey may have more African blood than Amber Rose has. I think Mariah Carey is between quadroon and mulatto in her racial analysis based on the research that I have done on her background.

    Either way, I an tired of African Americans claiming biracial and multiracial women as Black and then complaining after the after affects of the erasure of Black women in the media. If a Black woman was so invested in stopping our erasure in the media, stop promoting interracial relationships and stop claiming these biracial and non Black women as one of us. I don’t understand why so many Black female centric blogs promote interracial relations when producing mulatto girls and women and having them represent us only erases us. Especially since it was the White man that created the whole scheme of things.

    Again, I am not against interracial marriage or producing mulatto children. I am just so tired of the hypocrisy surrounding some of the people, who engage in it.

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