Being Anti-Interracial, But Pro-Mulatto

Conscious/Hotep/Nationalist Negros make me sick!  The reason for this is they heavily condemn Black males who date/marry/screw out of the race, yet they refuse scrutinize them for HAVING CHILDREN with non-Black women.  They are forgiving of any Negro with multiracial kids yet spend all their time tearing down Negro males who are currently in IR relationships.  It’s almost as if they’re okay with mixed children being born but don’t like the act in which brings them into existence.  Do these idiots understand how backwards their “thinking” is?

This makes no Goddamn sense as the only way his children can be biracial is if he is doing the very same thing Conscious so-called “Pro-Black” Negros hate; which is sexing a non-Black female.


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