New Series Coming Soon:  “Why ‘Black Love’ Won’t Work” 

After this one I’m working on.


3 thoughts on “New Series Coming Soon:  “Why ‘Black Love’ Won’t Work” 

  1. Believing in the Black love paradigm wouldn’t work for American Black women due to these essential facts:

    1) There are two million more Black women in America than Black men. There are around twenty one million Black women and nineteen million Black men. Even if every Black woman in America married a Black man, there would still be some Black women left over that wouldn’t be married.

    2) Black American men aren’t waiting around to date and marry Black American women. They are twice as likely to marry interracially than Black women. In fact, 25% of them are married to non Black women. So it goggles my mind to hear Black American women saying that they will wait around for a ”Brotha” when collectively, their male counterparts don’t feel the same way about them.

    3) Not many Black American men or women are marriage minded. Many Black American men and Black American women see marriage as a piece of paper, not something to aspire to. In the so called ”Black Community”, cohabiting and producing illegitimate children is the norm of the mating process instead of courtship, marriage and then children in other cultures. Much of this attitude contributes to the 73% out of wedlock birth rates in the so called ”Black Community”.

    4) The Black Americans, who do mate with each other, tend to divorce at a rate of 70%. With such a high divorce rate, it really makes me wonder if it is worth it to wait around for that ideal Black male unicorn.

    5) There is just too many obstacles stacked against the average Black American woman with no children and college educated in finding a decent husband in the Black collective. Seven times out of ten, she is more likely to end up divorced, a single mother of illegitimate children. Or she will end up single for a long time.

    Much of these reasoning is why I am not a Black love advocate because it doesn’t work for the majority of Black American women. While I do believe more American Black women will increase their chances of finding a decent husband to settle down with if they looked outside of their culture and race, I don’t necessarily believe that the interracial propaganda pushed in the media is helpful for us either.

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