Black Women Are Doing This To THEMSELVES

I always see complaints from other Black women (specifically those of the Black Feminist/BWE movement) about so-called "Colorism", "being erased", or "not being represented properly", yet every time I visit a BWE/Black feminist Facebook page or website, it is filled with pictures of Multiracial (so-called "light-skinned") women.


7 thoughts on “Black Women Are Doing This To THEMSELVES

  1. Unfortunately, I see many American Black women claiming biracial/multiracial women as ”Black”. Yet these same women are upset when a Hollyweird director or producer hires a biracial/multiracial woman to portray a Black female character on a television show or movie. None of this would happen if these women actively set boundaries on who he is Black and who isn’t Black and not let them usurp their role in the so called Black Community. Though where my family is from, biracial/multiracial women aren’t considered ”Black”, there isn’t a clear boundary drawn between mixed race women and Black women either. But I believe that the One Drop Rule used in America is detrimental to the representation of Black women. Once more American Black women stop using the One Drop Rule, the more they can actually promote women that reflect their image the better it becomes for our representation in the media.

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    • When you question them on why they use Multiracial women to represent them, their response is that “There is no one look of Blackness” or “Black comes in all shades and hair textures”; which makes no sense because Blackness can’t be “misrepresented” if it’s undefined & obsolete.

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      • I know right. Responses such as ”Black comes in all shades and hair texture” and then promoting the lightest and brightest among us exacerbates the problem. In other words, they are upholding colorism and anti Blackness. But it is even worse where my family is from(Caribbean).

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      • Most of my family is colorist, much more so than Black Americans. Also I agree that they are multiracials but Americans mistakenly refer to these people as ”Black”. People like us who know better don’t fall for the lie of the One Drop Rule and see the difference between us and biracial/multiracial people.

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