Who You Need To Be Looking Out For Pt. 3, Heterosexual/Seemingly Heterosexual Blacks Males

“But don’t be fooled, the way they feel about us is not new, they’re just becoming more and more honest and bold with their natural feelings about Black women.”

Lady Original


Black males are such a threat to Black women that I literally have to break them into three different categories; Heterosexual/*Seemingly Heterosexual Black males being the first one.

(*See asterisk later on in this article.)

This has been going on since the beginning. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to go into a whole history lesson of how/when Black males sold Black women to Arabs then a few centuries later, to the Europeans.  Instead, I would rather talk about what’s going now.


The Black Male would rather scuffle with his own race of women than take down the groups that have stolen “his” land and conquered him.  Instead he saves the worst of his anger, venom, and most of all, violence, for Black women.  Domestic violence in the Black American Community is TERRIBLE.  Black matricide is a rising problem also.

Interracial & Anti-Black Woman Hatred (Treason)

Over the past decade Black males have been exploiting us with venomous content on the internet, radio, and TV all the while uplifting other races over us.  The number of them dating/marrying/procreating with non-Black females is ever-growing and will only continue to get worse until they cause the race to eventually go extinct.

But don’t be fooled, the way they feel about us is not new, they’re just becoming more and more honest and bold with their natural feelings about Black women.

Exploitation & Music

Like I said earlier, Black males have created various platforms to exploit and denigrate Black women in front of the entire world.  30 years of calling Black women names, bragging about violence and rape towards us, and sexual exploitation on music tracks.


The Black male just has nothing but ill-intent or hopes for us.  He takes delight in our suffering and pain.  Anytime I, or another Black women is caught in a bad situation, whether by them, at the hands of another race, or something that happened out of human control (by nature), I ALWAYS see a Black male demon somewhere in the back laughing, or had something to do with it.

Complete Apathy (& Lack of Protection)

Even if the Negro male doesn’t go out of his way to hurt a Black woman, or has no desire to see her hurt, he just simply doesn’t care.

*The reason why I put “Seemingly-Heterosexual” is because a lot of AA males in today’s society are down-low Homosexuals who more than likely end up infecting Black women with HIV/AIDS.


Being Anti-Interracial, But Pro-Mulatto

Conscious/Hotep/Nationalist Negros make me sick!  The reason for this is they heavily condemn Black males who date/marry/screw out of the race, yet they refuse scrutinize them for HAVING CHILDREN with non-Black women.  They are forgiving of any Negro with multiracial kids yet spend all their time tearing down Negro males who are currently in IR relationships.  It’s almost as if they’re okay with mixed children being born but don’t like the act in which brings them into existence.  Do these idiots understand how backwards their “thinking” is?

This makes no Goddamn sense as the only way his children can be biracial is if he is doing the very same thing Conscious so-called “Pro-Black” Negros hate; which is sexing a non-Black female.