Who You Need To Be Looking Out For (Pt. 2) Black-Male Identified Black Women

NOTE: I originally had this titled “Militant Pro-Black Women” but then I realized that title only covers a small portion of the Black female population.  Not everyone is “conscious” or “woke”, but it doesn’t change the fact that the majority of Black women see themselves through the eyes of Black males.

Black male-identified women, specifically those of a Militant Black Power stance, have a serious bad case of Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to Black males.  Militant Pro-Black women will mindlessly refer to EVERY Black man on the planet as “Kings”, and those who are not Militant, but just simply Black-male identified refer to Black males as “brother”…even the most vicious, vile, evil, violent, treasonous, and Black woman-hating ones out there.

Militant Pro-Black women will convince other Black women that Black males rape, beat, & kill us out of “Black Love”, and don’t know any better because the White man told them to do so.  This is VERY DANGEROUS.

They literally believe that the Black male is void of committing any harm under HIS OWN responsibility and if you tell them otherwise, they’ll tell you you’re “brainwashed”.

Black male-identified Black women will even go as far as to encourage Black male violence on other Black women over petty disagreements with each other but will shudder and the very thought of a White police officer poking a Black man (even if he’s committed a horrendous crime).

They believe the Black male has it worse than them…even when that same Black male is robbing, beating, raping, or denigrating them in front of the whole world.

They believe the police (specifically White male police officers) are their worst enemy even though they mostly only target Black males.  (By the way, how can niggas protect you when they’re the main ones attacking you?  I have yet to see a Hotep save a Black woman.  You have screamed “Fuck the Police” long enough that they actually started listening.  The long-term effects of this is very detrimental for Black women.) The Black male-identified/Militant Pro-Black Woman can only contextualize the world from a BLACK MALE’S perspective but not hers and other Black women’s.  She has a problem with Misogynoir when it comes from other races but overlooks the blaitant hatred of Black women coming from Black males.  
Black male-identified/Militant Pro-Black women have done and will continue the most RIDICULOUS things out of loyalty to Black males. 

She sees the most criminal pick of Black males as harmless fragile babies. 

The Black male-identified/Militant Pro-Black Woman has no problem becoming a baby-mama to “keep the race alive” and encourage other Black women to be irresponsible in their choices…only to tell you you should have chosen better (like what Black males say when they do wrong).

When something is said/done to or about a Black male, the Black male-identified/Militant Pro-Black Woman’s response is “That could’ve been my son/brother/dad/uncle/grandpop/male friend/boyfriend/husband etc etc.  However, when something happens to a Black woman, their response is “It’s just another [Black] bitch that deserves it.”  She fails to realize this…

Black male-identified/Black Militant women will make multiple excuses for the disproportionate amount of Black males who date, marry out, and or breed with other races of women, but are always focused on the FEW Black women who do the same with other races of men (hyporcrisy).  

It’s embarrassing. I went to a an event where there were handfuls of BM/non-Black female couples and a Black woman had to make it known to everyone that her only choice was a Black man.

I have seen so many forums, posts, videos, and etc. where a Black male is denigrating Black women, and Black “race-first” women are worshipping them in response.  The conversation would look like this:

Black male: mayyne i caint stand deez black bitches dark bitchez bees ugly as hell yo

Militant Black Woman: But Brother, I love you.  We need each other King.

Black male: yeah right bitch where da white wimmen at?

Militant Black Woman: My Nubian King, you have been brainwashed by White Supremacy.

Me: S-M-Goddamn-H.

(Too bad they don’t feel the same about you.)

The loyalty is VERY one-sided.  

The worse part in all this is the most loyal Black women are the ones who have been abused the most/worst.  


*Note: I was once that Militant Pro-Black Woman but I have snapped out of that mess.  I have noticed over the last year and a half that a lot Black women who were one in that “race-first” mode are now starting to leave that crap behind.  If only more Black women had that common sense…

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Now That The Semester’s Over…

It’s time for beach, traveling and all that other fun stuff.

It’s also time for me to start writing more on my blog.  I will be covering a wide variety of topics related to like-minded Black women; from racism, to misogynoir in the Black community and world-wide, etc.  I will be hurting A LOT of feelings so get ready!  Because I will be analyzing things from all different perspectives and angles!  

Everyone get ready!

…’Cause I’m coming for you…

Now let’s celebrate!  😎☀️👙