Black Women, Trump Is Not Your Enemy [Who You Need To Be Watching Out For] Pt. 1

As Russell Lindquist’s tattoo says, “Know Your Enemy.”

Black women need to stop with all this fake anti-Trump rage they were taught to mimic by White Liberals.  Trump and his White male Conservative supporters are NOT  your worst enemy.

Black women are easily distracted and moved by Liberal mainstream media and Black male-centered rhetoric that only revolves around and centers THOSE groups’ needs, not ours.

Black women are greatly mislead.

Black women are foolishly watching out for “hillbillies” with Confederate flags when they are not the main ones attacking us–let alone they are not in our neighborhoods to have the chance to even do so.  There are several other groups of people who are sitting RIGHT next to you that are showing their blatant hatred for you IN YOUR FACE, yet you are too busy focusing on these “ig’nant Trump supporters”.

The irony of this, is that most of these groups you need to be watching out for are the very same people that Trump’s policies are targeting; and yet while you’re out in the freezing cold, marching and screaming out against Trump for these people’s “rights”, they’re in your face calling directly you “mayates”, yelling at you to “get the f—” out of their comedy shows, or dogging us by saying “we’re too dark and ugly” and that other races of women are better than us…yet you still foolishly believe that it’s White Conservative males who are your biggest enemies.

  1. Latinos


george lopez 

It seems as if Black women are now finally starting to wake up and see the blatant racism and prejudice from Hispanics although it took too many years to realize this.  Latinos have been able to come here illegally, commit crime, show overt & blatant racism to Black women, then receive benefits for it from the government and White Liberals.  If you are a Black woman who lives in Southern California, you might be able to better relate.  They are doing what’s known as “ethnic cleansing” to Black people in Los Angeles.  They have no problem relentlessly  killing little Black girls while writing “N—– Killer” near their slain bodies as a mark of braggery for doing so.  This mass murder of Black baby girls by illegals continues as I am writing this yet Black women keep focusing on White Conservative males.


Are Conservative White males part of gangs called “N—– Killers” and shooting down baby Black girls with no remorse in MODERN times (not slavery)?  No.

If this doesn’t make you shudder then check the comments

Even just putting aside the ethnic cleansing going on in LA, let me talk about their attitudes.

Over the years I have observed how Latinos will push AA women out the way, cut them off while driving,  speed up when they see you crossing and purposely miss your body by an inch, pushing their baby carriages or shopping carts into AA women and not even saying sorry, pulling into a parking spot when they see you were just about take that spot BEFORE them, grabbing from AA women, not saying “Thank you” after holding the doors for them, etc. and actually LAUGH IN YOUR FACE after doing so.

Some of the whiter looking ones, specifically females are very aggressive with AA women and don’t even hesitate to hide their rudeness towards you.  They are just nasty.

Watch how the Latino news reporter lies about the Black girl having an STD then mutters something about “See what I have to deal with” to make the Black woman look bad in front of the entire nation.  See they won’t hesitate to show their hate for you on national television.


This is unfair.  The reason I say this is unfair is because these people have come in illegally and act as if their shit doesn’t stink.  How do you go into someone’s neighborhood after entering their country illegally then treat them as if THEY don’t belong?  They don’t even see anything wrong with this.

How do you tell someone “Don’t park in front of my house” when you don’t even have the rights to live there? (Quoted from George Lopez’s comedy skit which is not only a “joke”, but reality) 

Do White Conservatives push their carts into you on purpose or carelessly bump into or shove you out of the way?  Do White Conservative males speed in pedestrian zones while you’re crossing the street?

By the way, how strange is it that George would say that in a time when Latinos are depending on Blacks (specifically women) the most?  Doesn’t he know saying something like this just decreases his people’s chances of getting Black women’s support and ONLY PROVES WHY BLACK WOMEN SHOULD HAVE VOTED FOR TRUMP?

I don’t know but I haven’t seen this behavior and yet to hear any Black women complaining about this behavior from WCMs.

Let’s not forget to mention that the same African Americans who are cheerleaders for illegal immigration are the same ones who are always complaining about the lack of unemployment amongst themselves and other AA folk.

HM…..I wonder why


By Lady Original-All video source credits go to the original uploaders.



5 thoughts on “Black Women, Trump Is Not Your Enemy [Who You Need To Be Watching Out For] Pt. 1

  1. I disagree with the premise of the article. The Trump administration will cut section 8 and food stamps for many lower income people especially Black single mothers. In addition, his policies will cause hiring freeze for people in government jobs and Black women are disproportionately working in government jobs. Also there will be a decrease in women’s reproductive and autonomous rights. And Black women lack access to adequate forms of birth control and contraception. Remember the Global Gag Order that defunded clinics that provided abortion services around the globe? That also affects Black women in America too. Other policies such as repealing Obamacare, and privatizing education will also hurt Black Americans as well. So I don’t think Black women should have voted for Trump though I believe that the Democratic party takes their Black voter base for granted.

    As for your stance on Hispanics and other non Black minority groups, I have to agree with you there. Many of them mistreat Black people in America and in their countries too. Yet they want us to form alliances with them against White America’s imperialist system that keeps them out due to the virtue of not being White. I am aware that not every single Hispanic despises Black people but enough of them do dislike us to the point that it is a problem. I believe that it is a grave mistake for leaders like Jesse Jackson to form a coalition with the Hispanic community because they only look out for themselves much to our own detriment.

    Overall, I believe that Donald Trump’s administration’s policies will be a detriment to Black American women and those who aren’t White, male, wealthy, able bodied, heterosexual and Christian. His whole plan is to restore White America to it’s former economic and political glory of the 1950s and 1960s. Often times, it comes at the detriment of Black women and others.

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      • Well, I think it will be a better premise for the title to remove Trump’s name though I believe that he has alot to do with what is going on in the country today. I have a new blog out called Adeen’s Musings if you want to read it.


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