BLACK WOMEN BOYCOTT ACBN/ACBN Doesn’t Care About Black Women



Bhekizitha and the rest of ACBN doesn’t care about Black women.

Just as I thought.  I was expecting exactly what happened.  I asked what the male members of ACBN can offer for Black women only to be met with the typical response from Black males, and as usual, they dodged the question then banned me.


Stop worrying about “keeping the race alive” and being loyal to Black men when they clearly don’t give a shit about keeping US safe and alive.  It can’t stay alive by default  when the other half is not even trying to do their part.  Don’t feel guilty for what happens in the future.  It’s not your/our fault and don’t make them persuade you that it is.



9 thoughts on “BLACK WOMEN BOYCOTT ACBN/ACBN Doesn’t Care About Black Women

  1. YAY! It makes me happy to see that you left that pseudo conscious Black liberation group behind. Those movements are all about Black male liberation from White patriarchy and enabling social, political and economic leverage over Black women in society. None of it has anything to do with Black women, Glad to see that you woke up from it all.

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      • Original Lady, please get this troll off of this post.

        No, Black Nationalism isn’t about nor does it benefit Black women. Everything that I have seen in the past few years between the Black male and Black female has shown me that the Black woman wouldn’t benefit from a Black patriarchy put in place. No, I don’t ”speak as a White liberal feminist”. I speak for myself. I wouldn’t let misogynist men like yourself try to curtail me into ”submitting” to your form of patriarchal standards to keep me in line.

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      • I’m not a troll, and certainly not a “misogynist” also, I’ve been a supporter of her blog. You’re very foolish to think matriarchy benefits women. A black Patriarchy will definitely benefit black women as well as black children. I suggest you lay off social media, because its full of brain dead negro males/females spewing “n***as ain’t shit” and “black b****es ain’t shit” rhetoric.the only way our race will survive is with a patriarchy. The black male is the provider/protector the black female is the nurturer/teacher thus, creating a strong family unit which is the foundation. For any community/civilization. I’m sorry to debunk your feminist liberal fantasy, but in the real world,the woman needs the man, and the man needs the woman. The only way black/african people are going to make is through the guidance and leadership of the black male. I’m not a sexist, I’m just being realistic. The reason black male/female relationships are the way they are now is because of black men and black women taking on foreign ideologies and straying away from original african principles and thoughts. Man,woman,child the african/black woman isn’t greater nor weaker than the black/african man we both have a role in our race/community. I’m sorry if that sounds misogynistic to you, but its the truth. Your words remind me of something a white liberal woman would say.

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      • You’re focused only on what you want.

        The reason why other races of men are so powerful and other races are doing better than Black people is because the men put their women first.

        The first thing you niggas do when you’re expected of something from Black women is you bitch and whine about Feminism rather than looking into the problem and fixing it. Instead, you sit around all day on social media like the FAGGOTS you are going back and forth with WOMEN. Why haven’t I seen you build any new pyramids lately?

        Btw, in response to your last comment, the race WILL die off thanks to YOU NIGGAS and your overwhelming rate of breeding with non-Black females and inability to hold each other responsible while complaining about the 1 or 2 “bedwenches” here and there every second. Black males cause this mess then expect Black women to clean THEIR shit.

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  2. Smh!!! You disappoint me, I expected better from you. BTW how is ACBN and bhekizitha anti black woman? Have you been watching his videos? If you’re looking for people to worship black women 24/7 and call you queen,god or goddess and make you the center of attention then please join those hotep “pro black” imbeciles. Black Nationalism is about The black family Man,woman,and child (not in that order) nevertheless ACBN/Black Nationalism and the black race will keep going forward with or without you.


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    • You niggas only keep proving my point.

      You completely overlooked the part where I said ACBN refuses to bring up the large and high rates of domestic violence and sexual assault on Black women and you have NOTHING to say about it. Instead you rant all day about Black women wearing weaves as if that threatens people’s lives.

      You NIGGAS have EVERYTHING to demand of Black women, while your lazy asses refuse to do anything useful for us.

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    • I am glad you banned this troll. It was obvious that he was trying to deflect from the fact that more of us are waking up and not taking their foolishness anymore. Many of these males like to argue with women online but don’t want to do anything to build or lead a functioning community. Or compete with other races of men when it comes to productivity in society. The sad state of affairs between the Black man and the Black woman residing in the Western world is the division and angst between the two. And I don’t see things getting any better anytime soon.

      I believe the solution for Black women is to focus on bettering themselves physically, mentally and psychologically along with forming alliances with those who are there for us no matter what. Learning how to navigate the world around us and using any resources to benefit themselves. We only have each other.

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