Black Women Need To Stop With All This Anti-Trump Rage, White Conservative Males Are NOT Your Biggest Enemy [Who You REALLY Need To Be Watching Out For!] Prelude

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As Russell Lindquist’s tattoo says, “Know Your Enemy.”

Black women need to stop with all this fake anti-Trump rage they were taught to mimic by White Liberals.  Trump and his White male Conservative supporters are NOT  your worst enemy.

Black women are easily distracted and moved by Liberal mainstream media and Black male-centered rhetoric that only revolves around and centers THOSE groups’ needs, not ours.

Black women are greatly mislead.

Black women are foolishly watching out for “hillbillies” with Confederate flags when they are not the main ones attacking us–let alone they are not in our neighborhoods to have the chance to even do so.  There are several other groups of people who are sitting RIGHT next to you that are showing their blatant hatred for you IN YOUR FACE, yet you are too busy focusing on these “ig’nant Trump supporters”.

The irony of this, is that most of these groups you need to be watching out for are the very same people that Trump’s policies are targeting; and yet while you’re out in the freezing cold, marching and screaming out against Trump for these people’s “rights”, they’re in your face calling directly you “mayates“, yelling at you to “get the f—” out of their comedy shows, or dogging us by saying “we’re too dark and ugly” and that other races of women are better than us…yet you still foolishly believe that it’s White Conservative males who are your biggest enemies.

This is just a prelude, so stay tuned part for part 2!

*Note: Of course you should always be aware of who’s surrounding you NO MATTER WHAT.   I’m not saying that a White Conservative male cannot be an adversary to a Black woman on an INDIVIDUAL basis, but collectively they are not our main aggressors.


BLACK WOMEN BOYCOTT ACBN/ACBN Doesn’t Care About Black Women



Bhekizitha and the rest of ACBN doesn’t care about Black women.

Just as I thought.  I was expecting exactly what happened.  I asked what the male members of ACBN can offer for Black women only to be met with the typical response from Black males, and as usual, they dodged the question then banned me.


Stop worrying about “keeping the race alive” and being loyal to Black men when they clearly don’t give a shit about keeping US safe and alive.  It can’t stay alive by default  when the other half is not even trying to do their part.  Don’t feel guilty for what happens in the future.  It’s not your/our fault and don’t make them persuade you that it is.