Who This Blog Is For

This blog is for Black women*** who:

-are heterosexual

-are willing to leave behind the perils of Blackistan

-can conduct themselves in mannerly way like adults.

***Consider ACBN’s standards of who Black since it is most accurate.


This blog is NOT for:

-multiracial women

-non-Blacks in general

-the LGBT community

-“Black Love” minded Black women

-ratchets (and females in general who cannot conduct themselves in a mannerly way)

-Black men

-Black women who believe in the One-Drop Rule/believe in the notion that “Black comes in many shades and colors” (stay tuned for post as to why I say this)

-Black women who support causes that are not relevant to Black women’s issues (i.e. Black Lives Matter, LGBT, Israel vs. Pakistan, etc.)

-Black women who consider this post “oppressive & classist”.


EVERYONE in this world is allowed to be exclusive except for us.  For some reason we’re criticized for having standards and preferences even by other Black women.  Not my problem anymore.  I choose who I cater to and I don’t have to explain or apologize any longer.

All I will say is it needs to be this way because of the content I will discuss here.

If you are one the people who I say this blog is not for, still feel free to read if you like, but stay in your boundaries.  You’re not going to manipulate what I write here.





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