Amandla Stenberg vs. Rashida Strober-When Mulatto Women Show “Black” Pride vs. When Black Women Show Black Pride

Mulatto Girl: Black is beautiful and powerful!

Society: Wow.  What a sweet young queen!  She is such an Inspiration.  We need more young folks like herself.


Black Woman: Black is beautiful & powerful!

Society: What an angry bitter racist ghetto Black bitch!  I bet she is just mad because she is an ugly dark-skinned hoe and nobody wants her.  LOL Black Men don’t want her ugly ass and neither do white men.She is such a hoe. She is such a bitch.  She is such a whore. She is such a nigger.








Anybody else notice this blatant contradiction/double standard? Why does Rashida Strober get so much hate but Amanda gets so much love WHEN THEY SAY THE SAME THING?

Why Black is Beautiful and Poweful ft. Amandla Stenberg

Donkey of the day: Rashida Strober (Dark Skin Advocate)

Look at the difference in the feedback and the comments…even the titles of the videos.


6 thoughts on “Amandla Stenberg vs. Rashida Strober-When Mulatto Women Show “Black” Pride vs. When Black Women Show Black Pride

  1. Great post! The hypocrisy in this regard is so obvious, I don’t understand how people can’t see it. It is actually because people have accepted so many asinine concepts and talking points that they can’t think clearly. I have supported Rashida Strober in the past, and you are right, there are so many negative comments on her videos from so-called “Black” people that it’s infuriating. There are some encouraging comments as well, but as you point out when you go to videos by people like zaza ali and Angela Freeman, there are always color struck negroes lusting over their pale skins and IMA features. It’s so apparent that many of these “pro Black” nincompoops are just trying to wife up a mulatto and be like their pimp hero Tariq Nasheed.

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  2. I’ve Noticed This Too. I’ve Seen Rashida Strober’s Videos And She Makes Very Solid Points. She Should Embrace ACBN Because She Obviously Gets It And Sees Whats Going On. I Never Understood The Hatred Towards Her Until I Discovered ACBN. I Read The Comment On Both Videos And It’s Mainly Self Loathing African Males And Females Praising Amandla And Demonizing Rashida Strober SMH!!! Many Africans In Their Subconscious See White As Good And Black As Bad. Reading The Comments Depresses Me They Absolutely Demonize Her To A Almost Sub-Human Status. On The Amandla Video They Raised Her To A God-Like Status. This Is Disheartening And Is The Reason Why ACBN Needs To Be Established. Mulattoes Will Always Be A Buffer Class And The Hatred Is For Authentic Africans. In All Of The Cases Of Unarmed Africans Being Killed It’s Mainly Authentic Africans Except A Few. This Angers Me Personally Considering My Mother,Grandfather,Brothers,Grandmother Are A Dark Brown Even Though I Took More After My Fathers Skin Tone It Upsets Me. What Bothers Me Most Is Amandla Being Classified As Black/African. The IMA Knows Exactly What He Is Doing Which Is Why I’m Really Considering Making A Twitter And Facebook Account. It Baffles Me How Africans Can’t See The Contempt Mulattoes Have For Authentic Africans.

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  3. Rashid a is cool with me. I’ve chatted with her a few times. She speaks a lot of truth and colorstruck negroes don’t want to hear it.I did a post recently about Amandla Stenberg being biracial. Her father is damn Jew! And you still have fools trying to uplift her as a standard of beauty that black girls should look up to.smh

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