Classify People As Their Race, Not Skin Tone (Light-Skinned vs. Dark-Skinned Debunked)

There is no such thing as “light-skinned” or “dark-skinned”.  Often times self-loathing American Negros ask me silly questions involving the terms “light-skinned” or “dark-skinned”.  I respond telling them “Non-existent”.

For example~~~~~~~~~~~
Them: Hey Original Lady.  What do you think about light-skinned people?  Do you think they’re stuck up and think they’re better than dark-skinned people?
Me: There is no such thing as “light-skinned” or “dark-skinned”, only race.
Them: Whatchu mean by that?
Me: I classify individuals as their race, not as their skin tone.

Then I show them this chart….

george lopez
George Lopez-A Mestizo, Not “Dark-Skinned”
lucy liu
Lucy Liu, An Oriental-Not “Light-Skinned”
lupita nyongo
Lupita N’yongo-A Black Woman, Not “Dark-Skinned”

Now many people will look at this confused and ask “Well Lady Original, what is this supposed to mean?”

In this world, you are either Black, or you’re non-Black; which means Mulatto, White, Asian, Aborigine, Arab, Mestizo, Taino, Pacific islander, or Native American, etc.
There is no such race as “Light” or “Dark”.

It’s simple.  Often times, when an African-American refers to someone as “light-skinned” it’s someone who is far from Black.  There’s a scary trend going on lately where Black people in America will call any living creature that walks,  Black, and simply refer to it as “light-skinned”.

The problem with using those terms is that it implies that anyone/anything which it applies to is Black and thus causes confusion for Africans when it comes to racial classification.

A year ago, at a fashion show practice, the director,  a BLACK (not dark-skinned) woman, asked me to hand something to someone for her.  I said “Who?”  She said, the “Light-skinned dude.”.  I look around puzzled as it was 7 Black People; me, her, and 5 Haitians, two white girls, a white boy, and a Mestizo.  She then points to the Mexican and I correct her and say “He is Mexican, not ‘light-skinned.'”  As expected she didn’t understand.

“Light-Skinned” is not a term that should not be used when referring to non-Africans/Blacks as they are not our “lighter” counterparts, but instead, completely different races.

And the other way around, non-Blacks with darker skin tones are not Black just because they have a bit of color to their skin.

Using the terms “light-skinned” or “dark-skinned” makes one sound very uneducated.  It really irks me to hear “conscious” Black folks still using these terms.

What’s even worse is hearing folks in their 60s who are referred to as “Elders” in the “conscious” community saying this nonsense.  It’s like hearing a 30 year old saying “I need to go to the potty to pee pee.”  It really shows that the person has not matured intellectually nor emotionally.

When the Elders/Leaders of a race speak so backwards, it shows the state of that Race.

I don’t classify individuals as a skin tone, I classify them as race.


madison pettis
Madison Pettis, Mulatto-Not “Light-Skinned”
wil control
wiL Control, White-Not “Light-Skinned”
jackie chan
Jackie Chan, Asian-Not “Light-Skinned”
tom delonge
Tom DeLonge, White-Not “Light-Skinned”
aborigine girl
Aborgine girl-Not “Dark-Skinned”
scary s[ice
Scary Spice, Mulatto-Not “Dark-Skinned”
Tupac, Black/African-Not “Dark-Skinned”
bizzy bone
Bizzy Bone is a Mulatto-Not “Light-Skinned”
Akon is Black/African-Not “Dark-Skinned”
mariah carey
Mariah Carey, White-Not “Light-Skinned”
manny santos
Manny Santos, a Filipino/Pacific Islander-Not “Light-Skinned”
lil kim
Kimberely Denise Jones AKA Lil’ Kim, a self loathing Black woman-Not “Light-Skinned”
native american
Native American-Not “Dark-Skinned
sanjay gupta
Sanjay Gupta-An Arab, not “Dark-Skinned”
terrance howard
Terrence Howard, Mulatto-Not “Light-Skinned”
melissa harris perry
Melissa Harris Perry-A Mulatto, Not “Light-Skinned”


raven symone
Raven Symone, Mulatto-Not “Light-Skinned”
zendaya coleman
Zendaya Coleman-Mulatto, not “Light-Skinned”
alexandra shipp
Alexandra Shipp, Mulatto-Not “Light-Skinned”


don lemon
Don Lemon, Mulatto-Not “Light-Skinned”
Mya, Mulatto-Not “Light-Skinned”

9 thoughts on “Classify People As Their Race, Not Skin Tone (Light-Skinned vs. Dark-Skinned Debunked)

  1. This Post Is So True! I’ve Heard Those Very Words Many Of Times. The Only Way For Us Is ACBN. I Also Notice People In The So Called “Conscious” Community Are Not Very Serious About African Survival. Many Are Buffoons And Clowns,Especially At A Time When African Men,Women And Children Are Being Murdered With Impunity.
    I’ve Separated Myself From Them. Many Are Intellectually Lazy And Still Hold On To The One Drop Rule.

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  2. Someone is speaking the truth, but you’re just starting the conversation. First of all, let me thank you for adding that Don Lemon. I can’t stand this *** (you know what) PASSING FOR black.
    This is what we are facing with these muls. passing for Black:
    1) Any evil doing of theirs is automatically attributed to Blacks. They never say “light skinned black women” when they are denigrating someone. They call them “black women” and then show the picture of mulattoes like we don’t have eyes. So, they give us all a bad wrap… Mind you, that’s one of the reasons why I don’t look at stats or reports on “black people”. In America, you get to self identify as black. WTH?
    2) Rachel Dolezal (I identify myself as Black – especially when I have a problem), Charlize Theron (I’m South-African), Meryl Streep (We’re all African, really.)
    Need I say more? They are trying to eradicate the remaining Blacks/Africans off of the face of the planet. Simple as that. And when you consider that all you’re now calling Native American, Asians, etc. are all descendants of Blacks that have change color/features/race through breeding with IMAs. That’s why for example, most people from the Philippines have Spanish sounding names. Look at old pictures of Natives Americans in US and Canada – they were really brown, not red.
    When Rachel D. went to The Real, she displayed obvious aversion if not disgust/disdain for the only Black women on the show; but she was so happy when Tamera Mowry said that she “self-identified” as Black, though she was a biracial. Basically telling us in our face, if it works for muls, it should work for whites, or anyone else.
    3) Mulattoes have been the face of disgrace for all Black people and through them, WS have been able to make Blacks pass for a lot of disgusting things. Things, I’m sure, real Blacks had too much morals and scruples to do back then, but are now seen as normal. They are always showcasing their mulatto show-dogs and show-bitches, like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Raven S., Stacey Dash, Don Lemon, Powell, Obama, etc., to lead Blacks into self destruction. Moral principles were not invented to look more holly than the next person, but because there’s always been a need for safeguards to protect people (individuals and groups). Otherwise, it’s perdition and destruction.
    4) Mulattoes are using us, but they are more importantly our worst enemies. Even if you think they are not, you’re wrong. If there’s only two sits, but a white, a mul and a black, you know muls are gonna fight with blacks to get that second sit. They’ll never even think of trying whites with that BS.

    Lastly, be careful. There’s two types of “Blacks” now in America:
    – the real Blacks (not so many left I’m sure), and
    – the passing for blacks (Umar Johnson is not black – he mentioned himself that he’s a descendant of white. Remember, biologically, a mul can only produce a mul.)
    If you look like the first category, but are really in the second, you can pass for black in the group as long as you don’t go, like him, claim any other ancestry. There’s no way for the group to tell the difference.

    P.S.: Have you noticed that most of the “attacks” are done by women, either whites or mulattoes. Most of the time, they are the ones who adopts black children, transform their features to look like us, have intercourse with Black men or claim that we’re all African or that they’re South-African, Brazilian, etc.
    And yet, we are accused of being their best buddies, and to have followed the feminist movement with them! Like really! That’s just adding insult to injury!

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  3. I wholeheartedly agree with this post. Due to the One Drop Rule in America, biracial people are classified and seen as ”Black” while I think otherwise. Classifying biracial people as ”Black” harms the interests of Black people especially Black women because there are so many biracial women taking resources that should have been meant for Black women to take up. Biracial women are the ones representing Black womanhood and beauty while mono racial Black women(progenitors of the Black race) are left to the wayside. How is this fair? How can we continue to let non Blacks and foreigners represent our race for so long? Black Americans, who go by the One Drop Rule, are harming their interests and ensuring that their race and ethnic group doesn’t survive for centuries to come. At least, in Jamaica, where my family is from, there is a separate classification for biracial/multiracial people. Black Americans….I swear these people will be breed out of existence if they continue to breed out more and accept biracial people as one of ”their own”.


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