Black Comes in All Shades (Fantasy vs. Reality)


fantasy vs reality black doesnt come in all shades


Remembering Aaliyah

aaliyah 7

January 16, marked what would have been Aaliyah Dana Haughton’s 37 birthday!  I’m not going to write a whole story on Her Life; Instead, I’ll just show a collage of photos to celebrate and remember Her Beauty.
(I know I’m kinda late, but better late than never! ;] )

Biological-Suicide Committing Negros Aren’t Stupid

By Original Lady

mentacide committing negros aren't stupid 1

There’s a disgusting trend lately perpetuated by self-loathing House Negros, specifically males, openly admitting to wanting to destroy the African Phenotype.

Now most “Conscious” Negros will defend idiots like this and say that these people simply *****”don’t know better”.  I will say this is bullshit.  If they “don’t know better”, how do they know their offspring with a non-African isn’t African and will most likely not even resemble them?

*****I really hate this Goddamn excuse for traitors.
Listen to this video.  Does this coon sound like he’s illiterate or unintelligent?  Does it sound like he’s “unaware”?  How does he know there’s an agenda to interbreed Blacks out of existence if he’s “brainwashed”?

In Brasil

(Check My comments on there too.)
Now remember, Brazil had this going on for about a little over 50 years now, maybe even more.

This is how 99.9% of them think; like this.

If they really didn’t know that race mixing kills African phenotypes, what would be their obsessive need to want “ligh skeened babeez wif gud hurr & nice eyez”?  OBVIOUSLY they’re aware otherwise they wouldn’t express this mentality.

This extreme level of self-loathe and high lust for pale-skin is always covered with blame on other Black People; more specifically other gender.

It has nothing to do with “Black Women do this” or “Black Women don’t do this”, it’s just that they want children that look nothing like them.
These marriages never last  anyway because white female/black male marriages have the highest divorce rate in the country.

This  lust is driven out of their extreme self-hate and they attack the Black Woman because only a Black Woman will give them a child who will look like them.

I’m not saying that Negros like this have never existed, it’s just that now, with all this Interspecies crap being pushed by IMHs (Inbred Mutant Hillbillies) more of these traitors exist and are becoming more bold with their self/Race hate.

With that said, race-mixing is an irreversible, undo-able act.  Therefore, Biological-Suicide Committing Negros Should Not Be Allowed Back Into African Communites, and ESPECIALLY not ACBN.  This doesn’t only apply to race-mixers but to any type of traitor in general (****depends on how bad the act of treason is.*****)  This includes rapists and phony leaders of African Countries who don’t mind hurting their Own People to please their string head masters.

You see, this is why I like the Internet; Most people will say people don’t act like their true selves on the Internet, however that is wrong.  It’s the true self that shows on the Internet.  Because what most folks are afraid to say out loud in public, they’ll say on the Web.

*NOTE: I’ve had more screenshots of this mess but can’t find them, however as I do, I will just keep editing and updating  this post.

Don’t think that just because someone looks like you that they aren’t out to destroy you.