I Don’t Care About The Dirty Mulatto Who Got Shot (Good Riddance, Bitch)

There is a famous Multiracial homosexual male whose name I won’t mention who was recently shot and killed in Miami. This piece of shit hated authentic Black women so he can rot in piss and shit. Good for his dumbass.


Why Don’t Mixed Women Stand Up For Us? (Because Why Should They?)

This is a post I found from a member of the BWE crew on Facebook once again crying about Multiracial women (obviously) not aligning themselves with Black women.

But the question is, WHY should Mixed race women feel offended when they’re not the ones being attacked?

Why isn’t the same thing expected of White, Asian, and other women and are these other races of women not expected to take up the defense for Black women?

This reminds of a time back in 2008 when a crappy ass Black male pop singer made a statement that “light-skin children are better looking”. Black women got mad at Multiracial women for not being offended. But WHY would they get offended when they’re being uplifted?

If a self-loathing Negro says “I hate Black women because they’re ugly, but I love Mixed women because of their skin and hair”, why would you expect Mixedbreed females to be offended when the statement COMPLIMENTS them? Of course they wouldn’t.

Non-Black females (whether mixed with Black or not) are not going to downplay their beauty perceptions (Read: POWER) so Black women could feel better.

This is proof that BWE-type Black females still have not dropped the Hypodescent mindset since they still consider Mixbreeds as being in the same boat as them when they are clearly not-biologically, physically, mentally, socially, etc. (Hypodescent=One Drop Rule)

So what are the solutions to this problem?

1. I can’t stress this enough, let go of the racist and scientifically untrue One-Drop Rule and its notions. (*See bottom.) This is the MOST IMPORTANT. If you can’t properly define who is/isn’t Black, you’ll always find yourself in this endless “Colorism” cycle.

2. Detach yourself COMPLETELY from Multiracials (specifically the females). You can’t do this unless you figure out #1. If you still believe Mixed people are “light skinned bruvas and sistas”, you’ll never detach yourself from them and you’ll forever be their stepping stool.

3. Let Multiracial and other Non-Black women deal with THEIR OWN problems. If you see them being abused, beaten, threatened, etc., then mind your Goddamn business since they obviously don’t come to Black women’s defense when it happens to us. In fact they’ll promote violence against us so they can uplift themselves as the “superior” women. If you want to help them, then go ahead and do so but stop complaining about lack of “reciprocation”. You know these bitches don’t give a fuck about your Black ass so you put that burden on YOURSELF.


but instead you’re too busy giving it away to Non-Black females only so you can play the victim.

*One Drop Rule notions:

-The false belief that Black people possess every skin color and hair texture in the universe.

-The false belief that African-Americans are mixed race.

-The false and highly insanebelief that two authentic Black parents can create a so-called “light-skinned” child.

All of these ideas are FALSE & express that the Black race is obsolete, undefinable, and nonexistent.)

A Black person is someone who is in the skin color range of brown to black with Afro-textured hair (AKA kinky hair or coiled hair).


Cardi B’s Fame=”Colorism”, Part 3 (How Would Black Women Benefit…?)

This is the 3rd & final part of this series. In Part 1, I pointed out the hypocrisy of blaming Cardi B’s fame on “colorism” when there are SO MANY other Multiracial female celebrities other than herself.

In Part 2, I explained that it is ridiculous to expect so-called “light-skinned” women to give up opportunities just so they can prove they don’t have “light-skin privilege”. It is unrealistic.

In this part, I want to ask a very important question: If Cardi B WERE to give us her fame or at least admit to “colorism” being the basis of her success, how would this help Black women?

How would this help Black women if she decided to just fall off the face of the planet? How could this help Black women when there are still plenty of Multiracial women in Hollywood and the music and entertainment industry as a whole. Black women are still being replaced by people like Cardi regardless. How does this gain Black women power ? It doesn’t. This is why all this complaining about Cardi B is useless.

Cardi B’s Fame = “Colorism” Part 2 (What Is She Supposed To Do With Her Life Then?)

This is a 3-part series. I mentioned in part one, that it is hypocritical to blame Cardi B’s fame and success on so-called “Colorism” when there are hundreds of other *Multiracial female celebrities, yet no one questions their skin color being the cause of their fame and success.

*Please see the asterisk at the end of this article.


A handful of Black women, specifically those who speak on issues pertaining to Black Womanhood, have taken issue with the success of a female by the name of Cardi B. It is believed that Cardi rose to fame due to “colorism” in society. I noticed recently that there is a constant knee-jerk reaction from authentic Black women whenever a Multiracial woman gets a job, lands a major role in a movie or show, gets signed to a record deal, etc. It’s almost as if anytime they get something in life, Black women accuse them of having something known as “light-skin privilege“, meaning the only reason why they get anything in life is solely due to their phenotypical appearance. Now I’m not denying that Multiracial females have it better than authentic Black women. I KNOW this as a Black woman myself that this is true, but realistically speaking, what are these women supposed to do with their lives? Should they just shrivel up and die, and never live again just to prove they don’t have “light-skin privilege”? Should Cardi B just fall off the face of the planet and give up her fame (and ultimately her MONEY) so Black women will stop accusing her of “colorism”? Should female Mixed race entertainers such as herself turn down roles, castings, and offers just to avoid hurting Black women’s feelings? It would be nice if they did, but REALISTICALLY SPEAKING, they’re not going to do this, hence which is why I tell other Black women that constantly prying at Multiracial women to see things from our point of view is pointless. If every Multiracial woman were to give up any opportunity opened to them just to give up their so-called “light-skin privilege, then that would mean that their lives would literally STOP if they honestly denounced “colorism”.

Now don’t get me wrong, Cardi is a foul, disgusting, piece of gutter trash, but I understand she is still a person that needs to eat just like the rest of us. So please don’t take these articles as if I’m a fan of her, because I’m not. I find her to be very detestable.

*Cardi B is Multiracial. The common misnomer for Multiracial people is the term “light-skinned Black“, which is a non-existent entity.

Cardi B’s Fame=”Colorism”

This is probably one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard…

If Cardi B rose to fame due to so-called “colorism”, then can we say the same about Beyoncé, Dorothy Dandridge, Zendaya Coleman, Alicia Keys, Vanity, Etta James, Jasmine Guy, Mya, Mariah Carey, etc. and HUNDREDS other Multiracial female celebrities? That should be said for EVERY *Multiracial woman who is famous or well-known, not just one. Why is it ONLY Cardi whose fame is due to “colorism”, when there are hundreds of Multiracial women before her AND during her time who also made it successfully into the entertainment business or public eye and are never questioned about it?

The irony of this is, the **BLACK women who are accusing this female’s success on her skin color, are the same one’s who worship Beyoncé and made her an icon….

*Cardi B is Multiracial. The common misnomer for Multiracial people is the term “light-skinned Black“, which is a non-existent entity.

**A Black person is someone within the skin color range of brown to black and has Afro-textured hair (see picture below).

Afro-textured hair